1. I really enjoyed the article, but the life style on Ikarias is hard for me to imagine. I wish our USA culture could embrace a more relaxed in the moment attitude.

  2. what an absolutely brilliant article. I really hope that i can incorporate some of those aspects into my life, as a 16 year old I can hopefully manipulate my life ahead of me to be a bit slower paced, not as slow as in Ikaria, but hopefully a bit slower than usual, and it has really inspired me to keep the vege garden growing, and to grow a bit extra then i normally would just to cut out a bit more shopping than usual, and then i can of course share it with friends. thank you very much for sharing this article, i’ve now saved it to my computer and i plan on printing it out so that i can have a read of it ever so often just to keep myself on track

    Happy Gardening,

  3. Sounds like the perfect retirement community; lots of eating, sleeping, socializing, gardening, walking, games and celebrations, not to mention all the sunshine. I wish the article had explored the younger population and their lives, hopes and dreams.

    Also, how many of the old folks spent part of their lives elsewhere (like the lead interviewees), vs. how many were “lifers”? I know from living in a small town that things can get claustrophobic, especially for those who don’t conform to the accepted norms. Do those people die young or just move away?

  4. Uplifting story.

    It’s so sad to see elderly people ‘accept’ age. Yet, it’s inspiring to see others retire in style — And health.

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