Next in the Competitive Woods-Walking Event


Michele’s recent post about walking in the woods made me miss my own woodland path just a bit – the one that started IN my garden, the one I walked for 26 years.   But then I looked around at the woods near me now and, as I boasted on the community blog I started up in my new town, noticed that they’re pretty great, too.

So here you have some scenes of the woodland path around Greenbelt Lake.  It may not start ON my property but it starts just two blocks away.  And it’s a LAKE, so it’s beautiful AND encourages people to be active around it and in the park adjacent to it.  Also, the building of this lake created jobs during the Depression.  (As did the building of the town itself., after which it provided low-cost housing for construction workers, veterans and others struggling to afford housing.)

Notice the ducks between the branches?

And a few blocks away I visited another wooded area in town for the fun-sounding Pumpkin Walk, and found it wonderful.  There was food and ghost-story-telling, and a walk down the pumpkin-strewn path through the woods.   It’s the woods at their most fun.

Our story-teller is also active in the Astronomy Club.


  1. So happy to see these photos. My daughter took her children on a pumpkin walk this week (in Alberta) and told me about it. I needed your visuals to help me along as I’ve never heard of them before! They too had story telling, poems and much more!

  2. This reminds me of North Park Nature Preserve, which has woods, a pond, and a prairie. It was developed on an old city tuberculosis sanatarium. We took our kids there often, they had halloween and maple syrup events, among other things. It’s a few miles from our house, so not normally walking distance.

  3. The pumpkin walk looks like a lot of fun. Our house is surrounded by fields surrounded by woods – which surround us more thickly every year. If you didn’t turn in front of our house on the ‘driveway’ you could go straight up what we call the Lane but which used to be a continuation of our road. The Lane is edged with old trees including apples for a few hundred yards and then goes into a mixed deciduous forest. It’s a nice walk into and around the woods, with grandchildren searching for the cranberry bog which is actually just over our border, picking creeping pine for a Christmas wreath, or seeing if we can identify animals by the scat they left behind. Beautiful in every season.

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