1. Concerning why liquor producers don’t tell people the interesting story of how booze is made, for most consumers and large producers education likely won’t matter. People just want something that tastes decent, and gives them a buzz. However, for the smaller micro producers, and their customers, quality and education is key. “Educating the customer is good for business”. I look forward to a new era of micro-distilleries, micro-breweries, etc.

    • I agree, I like the small scale produce things. I just wrote a piece Thursday on my blog of a herb flavour Schnapps made only in Dänemark from what I can tell and it comes from an herb called Sweet Gale (Myrica,gale)

      Incredibly for me it had the clean taste of Riparian streamside plants inside of a Chaparral plant community habitat. I also posted the video. It fit perfectly.

      BTW, the liqueur is called “Porse Snaps” and it sounds in the Scandinavian accent like “Porsche Schnapps”

      Been thinking about that first experience of it from last weekend all this week long. *sigh*

  2. Fun video. Thanks for posting it. BTW, @ Trey…I just read your blog post about educating the customer. I enjoy discussing plants, gardening, etc. with my local nurseryman and always refer people to the nursery for help (or our Master Gardeners) rather than the local big box store in town.

    I can’t wait to read my copy of “The Drunken Botanist”…I’ve pre-ordered it and anxiously await its release.

    Amy, I hope you have El Dorado County on your stops for a book tour.

  3. As most of us who show up on this site know, we are somewhat of an anomaly. As garden and plant freaks, we understand and want to improve our understanding of all things botanical and the true impact plants have on our everyday lives. Sadly, the majority of consumers, particularly of anything alcoholic are after just what Trey had mentioned earlier…a decent taste and a buzz (sometimes even shelving the taste aspect). It is a sad commentary on the state of the modern consumer. There are people who don’t know that there is a plant part to a potato!

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