Have Yourself a Handmade Little Christmas


Thanks to all of you who submitted ideas for our annual handmade holiday gift roundup, in which we celebrate the botanical-themed, garden-ish, homemade and handmade items that you, too, could buy for the gardeners on your list.  It’s always a good idea to celebrate the work of artisans, craftspersons, and artists of all kinds, and why not give somebody a one-of-a-kind, handmade something-or-other this holiday season?

Some of my favorites:



Photographer Saxon Holt has released a calendar, botanical art tiles, and other such things through a new store on CafePress.  Go check that out.




We also have a new succulent calendar, as well as other lovely things, from Debra Lee Baldwin’s ‘Succulent Chic’ store on Zazzle.  She’s not just a photographer–she’s a watercolor artist as well, and her stuff is lovely. I confess I am weirdly intrigued by these agave neckties.
Speaking of fashion, Donna Kallner dyes scarves with willow that she grows herself.  They’re quite interesting and beautiful and elegant, don’t you agree? Check out her Etsy shop here.
I’m a fan of handmade soap, so this leaf-shaped lime sherbet soap appeals to me.
Friend of Rant and all-round wonderful person Jim Charlier at Art of Gardening tells us he still has a few of his limited-run posters available.  Lovely!
And of course we mustn’t forget that Dirt Couture is all about the handmade.  I like this intriguing hand-forged trowel.  Tough and beautiful.
Also from Dirt Couture–fiddlehead fencing?  Oh, yes.  You will want to check this out.
and hand-forged ball head garden stakes?  Oh.  I want about a hundred of these.
Blooming hubcaps?  You know what, I wasn’t so sure about this one when I read the comment–but these are bad-ass.  Again:  to really make an impact, I’m going to need several dozen.  Thank you.
Oh, and girlfriend, you know your garden needs one of these outdoorsy bottle openers.  Yes indeedy.
Okay, that’s all the time we have for today!  Thanks for playing, everybody! Support your local artists!  Don’t buy soulless electronics this holiday season! No gift cards!  Make it memorable and heartfelt!


  1. I hope Santa thinks I’ve been a good enough girl to bring some fiddlehead fencing to my house! Thank you, Amy, for including my willow-dyed silk scarves with the amazing finds in your holiday gift guide!

    • Donna,
      I ordered one of your scarves after reading this article. It’s beautiful! And very cool that you use willow for dye. My scarlet curly willow is a highlight in our neighborhood.

  2. Wish I would have known about this gift roundup sooner! I sell organic seed collections, organic soaps and letterpress greeting cards for gardeners! Super fast shipping too. It’s not too late!

  3. Thanks for featuring my “bad ass” Blooming Hub Caps! They look great in the garden and really add a splash of color when used as wall art. For more photos and info check out Facebook.com/BloomingHubCaps.

    To Garden Rant readers I’m offering $5 off each Blooming Hub Cap posted on etsy.com. Just include a message that you saw them on Garden Rant when placing an order and I will adjust your payment.

    Many Thanks!

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