Plant Delights, Who ARE these People?


The beloved/hated/always buzzworthy Plant Delights catalog cover has done it again, with its just-released 2013 version.  And what a hoot that the Ranters are all there!  (Upper left).

So now for shut-ins and compulsives in any situation, can you name all these gardeners?

I’ll start.  Clockwise from the Ranters I recognize – not too many folks.  Felder Rushing, Dan Helms, P. Allen Smith, Martha Stewart, Margaret Roach, Ken Druse, Lauren Springer, Stephanie Cohen, Eliot Coleman, Alan Armitage, Tracy de Sabato-Aust, and Tony Avent.  Pitiful start, I know.

UPDATE: Click here to see this catalog cover with all the faces tagged.  It’s on the Plant Delights Facebook page.  Scroll down a bit.


  1. There’s Panayoti near you guys and Lauren Springer Ogden at the bottom and Scott Odgen at the top with some bulbs. Richard Turner is holding his “Hot Lips” salvia. Thinking the key to most of the I.D.s would be to I.D. the plants they are holding and then look them up in the catalog.

    • In that case, I am wondering if the bottom left in all that grass might be Piet Oudolf and not Eliot Coleman. I couldn’t find his name in the ornamental grasses but it would make sense. Yes, I can be a bit compulsive.

      • I think Piet has a bit wilder hair. I think at the middle top is Tim Wood and next to the Ranters, Chris Hansen. Also maybe Barrie Coate by the Ranters; I think Dan Helms is in the top right corner.

  2. Oehme and Van Sweden in the top right corner, I thought that might be Neil Diboll in the grass but no muttonchops, and you’re right it looks just like Eliot Coleman…..

  3. I think that’s supposed to be John Kohler from the youtube series, in the purple polo with two starts in his hand.

  4. I’ve got to think Tony would put his late mentor JC Raulston somewhere, but I don’t really see him, unless he is the guy with a beard and glasses directly above the purple polo shirted guy Joel thinks is John Kohler.

  5. Lower right corner is the legendary Barry Yinger, and if you don’t know who he is, you need to find out.

    Also, I spotted the Ranters right away and imagined them saying, “Well, it’s not Rolling Stone, but we’ll take it.”

  6. Piet Oudolf lower left. The grasses clinch it. How about a contest for getting all the names? I really would like to know who everybody is.

  7. Plant Delights has released a version of the cover WITH PEOPLE’S NAMES. Go to the Plant Delights Facebook page and scroll down to it. Sorry i tried posting it here, but the tags didn’t transfer.

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