Finding the Garden Hose of my Dreams

Water Right’s olive hose v. standard green hoses

A big “thank you” to Margaret Roach for recommending a garden hose that’s unlike the many hoses I’ve used and hated over my lifetime of using them.  Even (especially!) the so-called “never kink” variety, which have kinked for me as soon as a month after purchase.  Hated them.  Hated watering. Also, hated the LOOK of them strewn across my garden in eye-popping near-neon green.

Until Water Right.  Let me list its many awesome features, all points that Margaret made on her podcast and in more detail on A Way to Garden.

Weight.  The 50-foot length weighs just 3 pounds.  That’s versus 11.6 pounds for a 50-foot Craftsman brand.  The difference is so big, I was shocked when I first lifted one.  Imagine just flinging the the hose to wherever you need it in one motion.

Color.  Water Right hoses come in a variety of colors, like eggplant, but I want a hose to be unseen, and their olive color achieves that.  I’ve never understood why hose manufacturers choose the hideous colors they use, as if we want attention drawn to them?

Really, no Kinking. You can’t even force it to kink.

Even drinking-water safe.   It’s made of polyurethane, not the traditional leaching PVC.

And Made in America.  In good old Oregon.

There’s more – read about the it here.

The Downside: Cost.  Aptly called a “premium hose,” the 50-footer costs $60.  By comparison, 50-foot hoses at one big box ranged from $10 to $55, with the “never kink” ones at least $30.  Considering my history of throwing money away on hoses that last less than a season for me, and that I hate using, I’m deleriously happy to spend the extra for a product I love and that lasts.

You and your Garden Hoses.  What’s been your experience and would YOU pay this much for a great hose?  

More about Water Right.  The inventor/owners of the company are Jeff and Katrina Thomas, shown here and profiled a bit here.   Kudos to them!   (And no, they’re not paying me to endorse them and I even paid for my own hose.)


  1. I had such high hopes for that hose and ordered one last year when Margaret sang its praises, but it just didn’t work out for me. There wasn’t enough water pressure to run the sprinklers or the water wand properly. It was great in every other way though and I so wish it would have worked. I ended up trying the Tuff-Guard Perfect Garden hose after Genevieve at North Coast Gardening recommended it and was really happy with it. It’s a bit bulkier than the Water Right but it is also kink free. I ended up buying two of them last summer (they are priced similarly to the Water Right) and I hope they continue to serve me well for many years to come.

    • Dear Erin,

      We are proud to announce that in February of this year we are launching our next larger size hose which will power your lawn sprinklers and watering wands perfectly. We will begin offering it in our best selling color, olive, and will add beautiful “seasonal” colors throughout the year. The hose will maintain the light and flexible elements our hose is know for and it will just be a little bit bigger in diameter. If you have a color you would like to see from us in the very near future, please let us know.


      Jeff & Katrina Thomas
      Water Right Inc.

  2. I’m so excited to hear about this hose! We’ve had hose frustration for so many years. The last drinking-water quality one I bought has a terrible connection at the nozzle that results in water squirting everywhere. I’ll happily fork over $60 for a hose with all those features that will (hopefully) last, rather than pay half the price over and over again in search of a decent hose. Thanks!

    • Hi Saskia,

      Our Water Right Polyurethane garden hose and our rugged machined brass fittings are designed to withstand even commercial and industrial applications. You will be pleasantly surprised at how well our hoses perform and how long they last.

      Jeff Thomas
      Water Right Inc.

  3. I’m glad someone mentioned in the comments that it is not able to supply pressure for a sprinkler or wand – I’d definitely consider that a downside right along with cost (I know not everyone needs that kind of flow, but it’s not a concern with most standard hoses). Sounds like a cool hose, but I won’t be lining up for one at that price with those limitations.

    • I’ve had great success taking a nail and hammer and crafting a make shift soaker hose. They look a bit ghetto, but once buried under the mulch, no one will know.

  4. As a long time garden lady at a big box store, I’ve used just about every hose on our shelves. I’m also the hose mender who fixes them when they leak. (Usually they get run over by forklifts or cars or caught on pallet nails.) The kink free hoses have annoying little ridges that have to be scraped off inside the hose in order to get the fittings inside. The ones that we sell that hold up through a season of hard knocks are the black rubber(Goodyear)hoses. We just got in some new super hoses that look like the ones in this article. I’ll look forward to give them the test. A cheap hose is no bargin!

  5. You know you’re a hard core gardener when you see a post titled “Finding the Garden Hose of My Dreams” and let out an audible “ooooohh”. I’m glad no one was here to hear me say that…

    I’ll definitely have to check this company out, thanks for the recommendation.

  6. I need a lot of garden hose and having a well I need a hose that can provide good water pressure so this wouldn’t work for me. I price watch high quality hoses and buy when end of season sales start and buy at this time.

  7. I always like to wait a bit when a new product comes out. If it’s truly good, it will be around for awhile because it’s proven itself and usually the price comes down.

    It’s great that this hose is made in the US.–A big plus in my book.

    On the other hand, it’s made in Oregon, so will it stand up to many summers of Texas heat & sun? Will it stand up to really, really hard water?

    For some folks, like me, a bright hose can be a plus because when the native grasses grow high, I can’t see a black or green hose, and I run over them with the mower.

    PS – I wish someone would create a spray nozzle that would hold up to hard water and last forever.–In other words, no plastic parts. I haven’t found a spray nozzle that can handle hard water long-term. I’ve returned two that had life-time warranties.

    • Hi Laura,

      As a small family owned company, most people do not know that we have been producing polyurethane hose for about 5 years now (beginning with our original prototypes in 2007). All of our original hose, made as long as 5 years ago, is still in use today as the polyurethane resin we use has been designed not only for extreme durability but also provides superior performance in all weather conditions. It is the only hose we know of that can continue to perform in sub-freezing temperatures and hold up to even the hottest of climates throughout the world. The polyurethane we use has a very impressive operating temperature range of -40F to 180F.

      It is a world-class resin that will outperform any other plastic used in garden hose today.

      We also have had our hoses in the Texas heat and sun for close to 4 years now and all that we are aware of are still going strong today. We invite you to visit native and current Texan resident Howard Garrett’s website ( and see what he has to say about our hoses.

      If you ever have any additional questions Laura, please feel free to contact us directly. Our office number is 503-437-9241. We would love to hear from you.


      Jeff Thomas
      Water Right Inc.

  8. I don’t mind paying a premium for a better hose if it has a long life and solves the kinking problem. Buying something of quality with longevity just once is fiscally sounder than buying and replacing on a regular basis. However, I do need a hose with a wider opening and I must wait until the newer version reaches the market before investing.

  9. I always advise my clients and students to spend more on hoses and other garden tools since they may be gardening for some number of decades–and who wants to have things fail and make extra shopping trips? Sounds like they’ve started in the right dirction. Glad to read about it. Two tips: put hoses out of the sun in winter as sunlight destroys everything and two, keep gaskets handy as they eventually fail and cause hoses to leak.

    • Dear Frank,

      What you will find interesting about our hoses is that we keep our personal hoses outside in all-weather conditions year round because the polyurethane resin we use is designed for it.

      We love to be able to tell our customers that they can do the same. Ultra-violet light/hot sun and even ozone will not affect our hose for many, many years. On the flip side, as I sit at my home office today looking outside the window, there is about a half of an inch of snow on the ground…it is about 25 degrees…and our hose is hooked up to our faucet and is as happy and as flexible as it can be. Our hose will never crack or leak and would be able to wash the car as we speak.

      We also use a machined cut, food grade rubber washer that holds up far better than the common inexpensive vinyl washer used on many garden hoses today. What causes most washers to fail today is due to poor compression set properties and the plasticizers that leaches out from the vinyl making them become brittle, compressed and ultimately cracked. Thank you for your support Frank and hopefully we can visit further with you someday soon. Sincerely, Jeff Thomas – Water Right Inc.

      • Oh Jeff, with your promises of hoses that will last! Forgive me if I and gardeners everywhere are sceptical! Experience is indeed a cruel mistress!

        Betrayed season after season by crisp green hoses that kink and leak, sprouting pinholes or great gushing breaches at the least breath of weather hot or weather cold! Well; I cannot trust, with fond memories of old hoses that lasted years and years and years. dragged from hedge to row with a scarce washer replacement…Ahh, such times are now past!

        Perhaps the day will come when gardeners are once again such force that a decent hose will lie upon this green earth, but I have not seen it nor do I expect that time to come again. You, Sir, have a long row to hoe, and the skeptical faithful watch and wait…til then, I sigh and pull out the duct tape and dream of the days when a hose will again be a hose and gardens will again rise to soothe the human soul.

  10. Writing from a country that swings violently from drought (and hose pipe bans) through record rainfall, finding the right hose has its value. For my money, this is reasonably priced and worth a punt.

  11. At the nursery I work for, we recycle old hoses by cutting them into foot long pieces that are used as the cushion for the wires we use to stake trees. Ask a local nursery if they could use your old hose before trashing it.

  12. I was so excited when I read the title and the review made it worse but now.. it seems its not available in Canada. I would gladly pay the exchange rate for a hose that didn’t make me want to scream when I used it (neighbours give you funny looks when you are standing in the yard cussing at a bit of kinked “kink-proof” plastic).

    Any chance I’ve just failed to find the we ship to Canada tag? So sad…

    • Hi Teri,

      We can now ship to Canada. Yeah. Just contact us this week and we will take care of you. You can also purchase our hose through Lee Valley Tools in many cities throughout Canada.

      Jeff Thomas
      Water Right Inc.

  13. I wonder what the secret to long hose life is? I have to drag my hoses around almost daily in the heat of the summer here, and all of my hoses last for years and years — I usually pay for the mid-range models. I do store my hoses in big, loose coils when they get put away, and I wonder if that’s the key? (Never forcing the hose to twist or coil tightly or in a way that it doesn’t want to.)

  14. I look forward to purchasing the new hose that accommodates a sprayer. I have been very frustrated with pin hole leaks from day one with my current hose.

  15. First off most hoses are made in America. there is no need for the $60 cost. Also if one looks at the small diameter of this hose you will be sitting in your garden for hours watering. Small diameter hoses are horrible when it comes to delivering large volumes of water.

    The secret to keeping hoses for long life is to wind them up when done. Whether on a reel or old tire rim just do not leave them laying around where any hose will eventually kink

    The TROLL

  16. I’m very excited to hear that it is available through Lee Valley in Canada. They are a wonderful company, and stand behind their products because they only sell the best. I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the larger diameter.

    Yes I will pay that much for a hose that doesn’t break down, has good fittings, and won’t kink. In a heartbeat.

    I spent at least that much for some “good” hoses, and they kink, and they split. I am not kind to my hoses, but come on, I don’t run over them with heavy machinery, or wheelbarrows.

  17. LOVE this hose. Got one last season from Gardener’s Supply in VT, and my best friend got two. I am DONE with dragging heavy hoses!!

  18. Ah, Susan. I’m so happy that your garden hose dreams have been fulfilled. May I take credit for pointing out that your life was lacking without the perfect hose? LOL. This gives me the perfect reason to come over for another visit. “Honey, I’m headed to Susan’s house to see her new hose.”

    • I think it is very funny that my boyfriend and I would both be going to visit Susan to see her new hose. I’m very lucky that my significant other is on the same wavelength. He will probably have one of these before I do because his sister works for Lee Valley.

      Life is better with good tools.

  19. I was on here “ranting” about TUFF GUARD’s Perfect Garden Hose before, I think I was reading an article about that “fit in my pocket hose”. I agree with Erin who’s blog I read on a regular basis!! I’ll take my TUFF GUARD hose any day over any garden hose! It’s also made in America, and it’s actually less expensive than the water right although it isn’t drinking water safe:( Susan why isn’t anyone “ranting” about the TUFF GUARD hose?

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