Got Gnomes?


A great ad goes viral.


For some reason it won’t embed,  so click here to watch.

Via Jane Milliman.


  1. It’s a cute ad, but guess I am getting jaded. Viral? Why?

    The other thing I noticed is when these people “fix up their yard” plants play little or no role. But hey, I am a nurseryman, and biased.

  2. I guess I don’t know what to say…except that now I’ll be looking over my shoulder all the time I’m in the garden. I confess to a single garden gnome, cement, 12 inches high, who was purchased to enable him to leave my daughter (then 5 years old) notes in the garden. The little bugger never did fess up to writing them.

  3. It is very funny, and also a bit of an inside joke.
    There is a very funny book “Yew and Non-Yew” by James Bartholomew that is a send up of garden snobbery in England. A section of the book deals with gnomes, “The social outcast of our time”. Bartholomew provides a short history of gnomes – it’s move complicated than you would think – and points out that gnomes are specifically prohibited at the RHS Chelsea Garden Show (Article 15 of the Rules). That was the case until this year, when for some reason gnomes seem to have invaded the entirety of the Show, (see Robin Lane Fox’s blog in the Financial Times). The garden in the advert, by the way, is definitely a Non-Yew garden.

  4. I’m with the gnomes. Those plastic chairs were especially ugly. Maybe they were reacting to the buying-plastic-stuff-made-in-China over actually gardening and communing with nature?

  5. I’m with the gnomes, too. This makes me want more gnomes. It inspires no desire for plastic furniture.

  6. Why wouldn’t the gnomes revolt? The “new” accoutrements, all plastic, look like trash.

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