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After 7 years online, GardenRant has (finally) joined the throngs on Facebook, where these days you apparently MUST be.   Despite its many irksome practices, I like Facebook myself and find it an easy way to follow relatives, long-lost friends and the media outlets and TV programs I’m addicted to.  (The Good Wife, Mad Men, Fresh Air with Terry Gross – they’re all there!).

And now, so are we.  There you’ll find links to recent posts, of course, and many of you will dish the dirt right there, rather than in comments on the Rant.  But Rant on Facebook will have more ranting, links to interesting items from everywhere, and random thoughts and opinions.  You just never know.


  1. Why can’t you post same thing on web page as you do on Facebook for us who are not and probably never will be Facebook? (My children say I have not yet come into the 20th century, much less the 21st)

    • I’ll be posting the occasional link to our FB page using my iPhone, which I can’t use for blogging. Short stuff. You won’t miss much. Though you COULD be one of hte many lurkers on FB, who check it to keep up with their kids but never post to it after establishing an account (with no personal info given). Just a suggestion.

  2. Susan, I think what those of us who aren’t on FB will miss is following and participating in the threads of discussion on the FB posts. And I, for one, don’t choose to give my info to FB. I realize that’s my choice though.

    • I see your point, and feel the same way about blog commentary- it’s split up between the blog itself and social media of various sorts. We’ve seen that already – fewer comments than a couple of years ago. But we can’t change the landscape and have decided to join FB because it’s where so many of our readers want to find us and respond to us.
      I miss the “old” days of blogging, back in the aughts.

  3. Okay, so is this blog going away? It’s a bit unclear to me. I won’t be joining Facebook, and like Anne above, it’s a choice.

  4. So glad you are joining the Fb world for us to Like and (Follow – Click on settings). I admit not following your blog regularly anymore as Fb has grown in garden content and interaction. Fb is not for everyone but it sure is a big part of my family, friends, garden friends, gardening industry, co-workers and associates life. We learn and get quick and accurate verification and opinions about plants, practices, methods, products and more. Fb expands on the likes of Dave’s Garden, Floridata, Wikipedia, Google and Google Images, Snopes and other fabulous resources with nearly instant answers. Glad you are with us.

  5. Glad to hear that Facebook is an addition to, and not a replacement of, this blog. Like Anne, I won’t put my info. out there on Facebook, but I respect those who want to access the Rant in this way.

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