Really Good News is Everywhere


In case you missed it:

Cornell is breeding better broccoli, which is to say that it will be higher in nutrients and will grow in a wider range of climates.  Apparently y’all don’t get very good broccoli on the East Coast–is this true?  I had no idea.  The things you take for granted…

Women are farming in record numbers, and that can only be a good thing.

There is such a thing as a supertree, and Science is figuring out how to grow more of them.

There is a city in America that doesn’t allow cars. I want to go to there.

Miniature llamas are a thing, and they are cute as hell.

It is officially time to start making grilled peach old-fashioneds.

Oh, and one of these amazing white leucistic hummingbirds is hanging around my garden. Just go look at those pictures and try not to be happy.

That is all.




broccoli photo via Shutterstock


  1. Liked all the good news (except the Monsanto droppings) but the white hummingbird was truly wonderful! Reminds you of how delicately beautiful our world is. Thanks for all the info!

  2. Au contraire, we get great broccoli here in the northern part of the Eastern U.S. But the timing is incredibly tricky since our seasons in the NE change so rapidly. And the weather has to cooperate. So brocc planted at exactly the right time in the spring or for fall harvest is beyond fantastic– but not if there’s an earlier than usual heat-up in spring or earlier than usual frost in fall, or longer than usual heat in the fall, etc. In other words, it’s kind of a crap shoot here where there are actually, you know, seasons!

    Anybody who’s never had fresh-picked broccoli in a year when the weather cooperates just right can’t even imagine how good it is, and how completely different from even good supermarket broccoli.

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