This Week in Crazy Rhubarb Lady


By now you’ve probably all seen the viral internet video of the crazy, foul-mouthed woman stealing rhubarb from her neighbor’s alley.  If you haven’t, you can watch the video in full here–and remember that it is NSFW.  (And that stands for Not Safe For Work, for those of you not hip to the lingo and about to blame me for the foul language coming out of your cubicle.)

Anyway, the late night comedians are ON IT.   Let’s start with Jimmy Kimmel:

and move right along to Conan:
[youtube][/youtube] Yes, it’s weird and sick and certainly ripe for more parodies–come ON, people!–but it does touch on so many issues we’ve covered here on GardenRant before, doesn’t it?  Such as:

What kind of person steals rhubarb from my alley?  Well, now we know.

What do you say to somebody who thinks that an alley is public property and anything that grows there is theirs for the taking?  Tell them to come mow it themselves if it belongs to everyone.

And, of course:  What the hell are you going to do with all that rhubarb anyway?  Answer:  None of your damn business.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something a little less crazy to do with your rhubarb, maybe you’ll head over to Mama Knows Her Cocktails and make one of these Rhubarb Bee’s Knees.  Cheers!



  1. Typically, fences require 6″ set back so that means that anything outside of 6 inches away from the fence is public domain (just like the boulevard or berm at the front of most houses). So technically she is correct but 1) ethically she should have left it alone because it’s pretty close and spans that area mentioned above and 2) She clearly is unstable and the name calling was inappropriate but 3) Why keep pressing the issue…she wasn’t going to change her mind, why did the home owner keep pushing her buttons. Let her take some rhubarb – it’s a marginal tasting plant at best even when mixed with strawberries for jam.

    • You’re going to defend that nutjob? Despite the property markers, why would you do that to a neighbor? It has clearly grown through the fence, but do we have to go out and measure everything now? It’s also clearly her plants! The crazy lady was being inconsiderate at the least. Legal? Maybe. Morally wrong. I’d say yes. I’ve been growing vegetables for 25 years and I’ve always shared with my neighbors; they never had to ask or steal. If this woman would simply asked the ‘may I have some of this’ I’m sure they would have shared. She’s crazy.


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