Decorating Time, White House Version


Just how it’s done in MY house.  Yours too, I bet.


Next, Bo does his final inspection.


Possible Gardenblogger Report!

I’ve never been inside the White House when it’s all dolled-up for the “holidays,” so I looked into it and discovered that 1, it takes congressional intervention and that 2, that has to start 6 weeks ahead of time.  Oh, well.

But then wowzer, an email comes inviting all National Park Service volunteers to a special White House Open House!!!  Just for us, though we were warned not to expect the actual First Family to be on hand to greet us.  But still, unlike the regular old public, WE’D be allowed to bring our cameras and use them to our heart’s content!

The only catch is that there isn’t room for everyone, so it’s first-come-first-served.  I got my application pronto and assuming I pass muster with the Secret Service, my chances are pretty good.  Fingers crossed.


  1. Great videos, I hope you get to go the White House, would love to hear about volunteering for the National Park Service as well.

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