Made any of these “10 Terrible Mistakes”?


Seen on the Landscape Architect Network.   Click here for the other 9.


Also seen at the Landscape Architect Network is this T-shirt.  A little sensitive, are we?



  1. Let’s not be mean, now. Not all landscape architects prioritize parking spots over trees (I’d say rather that daily, many L.A.s design for the inclusion of *more* trees). That would be the civil engineers who are anti-tree. 😉

  2. My issue with the landscape architects I called when I had a whole yard to do after building a house, was that not one called back.

    I just assumed they did not need my business. So I took an adult education class on garden design and we did it ourselves, with help from the stone mason whose card we picked up at a stone yard. At least he called back.

    He helped fix the landscape mistake done by the contractor who put in the large stone retaining walls. He rearranged some of the big stones, and added others to make steps from the driveway to the yard, and from one level to the other. Even though the height change at each spot was only a two to three feet, it was terribly easy to hope up and down.

    Also, most of those photos are about bad planning, sometimes between different municipal departments. Since we dealt with our city’s construction and land use department when we built our house, we became all too familiar with the rules.

    The playground would not pass some basic modern safety criteria (so when one has the computer aided design software on their computer, it also helps with helping on new playground at kids’ school).

    • That is a valid municipal concern. There is a major arterial in our city where many ash trees were planted as street trees thirty years ago with some dodgy methods.

      In the past decade when there were some major winter storms it turned into the “avenue of falling trees.” In that time period a tree fell on a car being driven along the street, plus the whole arterial was closed for over a week after a massive wind storm so that the city could clear the fallen trees.

      Since that particular storm the city has been replacing those trees with better varieties that could work better with the soil conditions. Even though it has been over six years, I still am nervous driving that section, and make sure that I don’t park near some trees when I go to the indoor swimming pool.

  3. Urban planners get away with it on the 1st pic and the 2nd, yes some arrogant bastards do say that especially if they’re not very good. Gardens design requires more skill. I teach and work in both areas.

  4. Wow, what is with all the LA hate in here? Geesh.

    Perhaps you are all the sensitive ones, maybe the shirt is implying that LA’s get asked for garden design as a freebie favor for friends and family all the time.

    Not sure what kind of LA Julia is doing that doesn’t require as much skill as garden design either.

    And if we are sensitive, maybe it is because we put more money, time, education and have to get licensed in order to practice/even use the title.

    And Chris, don’t hate on LA’s due to the unprofessional behavior of a few! 🙂

    • “And Chris, don’t hate on LA’s due to the unprofessional behavior of a few! :)”

      How can I hate them if they don’t call back? Obviously they have too much work to bother with my entire property after we built a house. Which makes me wonder why they bothered advertising in the first place.

      I actually walked into an office of one whose sign I had seen in a yard that was done in my neighborhood, and the receptionist turned me away by saying they did not do that kind of work. Even though they had a sign saying that they had done the hardscaping and landscaping of that little front yard!

      I had the same issue with kitchen designers/suppliers. I actually left the plans for the kitchen, with suggestions of what I wanted in person and got exactly no calls back or any bids. One of them is just one block from the house.

      There is no hate. Because it turns out I saved lots of money by doing it myself. (okay, it helps being an engineer, knowing how to draft plans and having experience with CAD, computer aided design)

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