Contrasting Front Yards: Turf Only v. Wildlife-Filled


I love this video by Beltsville, MD wildlife gardener Marcia Van Horn.  (Viewable on desk and laptops, but not on mobile devices.)  I know Marcia because she created a video of Greenbelt’s Less Lawn Garden Tour.  Next, she volunteered to help me improve the videos I’m making of DC’s public gardens and wow, what a difference she’s made already.  Marcia uses the free Windows Moviemaker program – and now I do, too.  Really easy.


  1. Wow I really need to get more into that video maker, I guess your referring to the free one that comes with windows. I have never once looked at it because I thought it wasn’t “powerful” but now I need to go back and look, because this stuff looks great! Well done!

  2. Where can I get a sign like that – this property supports wildlife etc.? That would be great education for all passers by who wonder why I did’t mow…

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