B&B Garden Attracts Customers



At least the tiny garden in front of the Royal Rose Inn in Rehoboth Beach, DE got this potential customer’s attention when I walked by it this week, and you better believe I’ll be staying there the next time I visit.  The garden said to me:  “Fun place to stay!”


The paint job is fun, too, in this view usually obscured by parked cars.  And the garden’s much more colorful now than in this spring photo.


The website’s photo gallery includes this shot of proprietors Andy and Greg.  That’s something I wish more businesses did.

Thanks for the use of your photos, guys.  See ya next time I’m in town.

Business Gardens and You

So readers, has a business’s garden ever led you to become its customer?


  1. Of course! If two shops of the same type are side by side and one has a garden in front and the other doesn’t, I will always pick the place that has a garden. It says infinitely more about the owner, in my opinion.

  2. There is a Mexican restaurant in my small town. There is a garden in front left by the former owners. It is completely neglected – with 4′ tall weeds, some dead and dying shrubs, and a healthy dose of litter mixed in….a jumbled, tangled mess. I refuse to eat there even though friends say they have the best food. I think if their garden is a mess – so is their kitchen!

  3. This is a wonderful place, and a great example of the use of hardy palms in the mid-Atlantic region. I’ve never stayed there, but I walked by this place for years and finally knocked on the door one day, introduced myself and chatted with Greg a bit. He turned out to be a super nice guy who loves to talk about his plants! Many of his palms took a bad hit from our coldest winter in 20 years, but it’s encouraging that most of them are coming back. Here’s how his palms looked a couple of years ago:


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