Ellen DeGeneres ISO Gardener


Anyone following Nick the Gardener on the Ellen Show knows that she helped him  land a part in a sequel to the Magic Mike movie.

ellen gardener

So now she’s looking for a new gardener – click here to apply.  Must be “hot, strong, and have that extra somethin’ somethin’.”

I’m not a regular Ellen-watcher but have heard she does garden herself, or at least talks like she does.




  1. I suppose a lesbian can appreciate a well-formed male body…but I’ve really enjoyed chatting and working with what few women I was able to hire as gardeners. I don’t recall any of them as being particularly attractive–but I can say that for my male gardeners as well.

    I still miss the gay Pagan gardener I had in Santa Cruz–he and his partner both had braided beards, but Ed was tall, blond, and slender, while Sandy reminded me of Gimli (before the movies!). Sandy and I had a similar sense of humour, but Ed and I could talk plants and deisgn for hours. I miss them both, actually, as they were pleasant to be around.

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