Favorite places in town, including my new garden

Greenbelt Community Center
Greenbelt Community Center

On a local blog I write I thanked Greenbelt Maryland for 3 fabulous years there this month.  Then I went on to post photos of my favorite places – none farther than a slow 10-minute walk from my house – with some commentary.


I’m celebrating my 3-year anniversary by posting photos of some of my favorite places in town, starting with the New Deal Cafe, where I quickly became a regular.

Jennifer Cooper and GrooveSpan at the New Deal


The friezes by Lenore Thomas Straus on the front of the Community Center portray the preamble to the U.S. Constitution, and I immediately noticed that promoting the general welfare is represented by gardening.  Yes, along with what looks like construction, but still…gardening is my thing so I love seeing it there.


Boy, do I miss the Greenbelt Theatre since it closed for renovations!  Can’t wait for the exciting reopening, hopefully as a nonprofit group, for which I’m eager to volunteer.


Blogging about the Greenbelt Aquatic and Fitness Center (here and here) turned me into a regular there, too – for the fitness rooms, multiple pools, and running into friends.



I started volunteering at the Greenbelt Farmers Market in my first year here.  It’s been a happy place to hang out and actually make friends.


I dare say the lake is a favorite spot for most Greenbelters, and count me as one of them.  Any time of the year.


1st snowfall of the 2014-15 winter


Now excuse the lack of modesty but I looooove my new garden in Old Greenbelt – it’s just the right size for this aging gardener.  Above, the patio on the garden side (Greenbelt’s term for back yard) as it looked from my living room window in August.


Even in winter, with snow falling, I still enjoy the garden from that living room window.


In my front yard (“service side” in Greenbelt’s historic terminology) I’m still trying to figure out how to block my view of the parking lot, but I’m happy with this view of the patio, especially in the spring. Ah, April!

Photo credit for Greenbelt Farmers Market.


  1. Has it really been three years? Hard to believe. Time for me to come visit! Wait, you are supposed to visit me. Okay, we will do both. Happy New Year…early.

  2. Thanks for sharing your hometown with us, Susan – it’s absolutely charming. As is your garden. I just love the containers you created and the view from your window – gorgeous! Happy New Year!! XO

    • Thanks so much, Rebecca! I finally stopped mixing species in containers. Here I’m using just a bunch of coleus with one annual ornamental grass, then in the winter switching out for ornamental cabbage. They’re kinda sad what else are you going to do? Susan

  3. Hi. I noticed your patio pots have decorative cabbage (?) in them now, not what looks like coleus to me- I’m asking because I have a coleus plant I keep indoors, being afraid to loose it to cold weather overwinter. Does yours come back in spring? do you cut it down in fall?

    • Jeanne, the sunny shot shows coleus in the fall. The second shot with snow falling is after a hard frost has killed the coleus and I’ve put the cabbage in their place. Susan

  4. Great tour! I love mushroom/umbrella fountains in public pool areas–and in public fountains.

    Downtown San José has a checkerboard fountain in a plaza in the middle of Market Street–http://sjdowntown.com/live-here/recreation/ –which you can see halfway down the page.

    At Stanford U., between Tressider Student Union buildings and the University bookstore, there’s a big wading pool masquerading as a fountain that everyone can enjoy. No one seems to mind kids IN the water, all 18″ of it!

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