Donate to DC Gardens – Even if you Live Somewhere Else!



Crowd-sourcing for the DC Gardens media campaign starts NOW!  Click here to see the video, the “story,” the team (more members being added today), and the “impacts.”

If you’re local to the DC area:

Browse images and videos of our 12 destinations gardens by month.

Use our Deep Local Resources to find: local email groups and clubs, where to volunteer, where to find plants, how to find a garden designer, where to learn to garden, et cetera.

If you live somewhere else:

Donate to help make something like DC Gardens happen for YOUR city, state or region! Our success will show that the public wants a service like this, and you can point to it when you’re asking for something like for your area.

Click “Other  Cities” on our website to see what not just DC but other cities, states and regions are doing to collectively promote their gardens and turn more locals into gardeners.

If you’re a gardenblogger or photographer:

Donate to create work for gardenbloggers and photographers in your city, state or region – because who better to create a DCGardens-type service than experienced online garden writers and local photographers? In DC we’ll be contracting with gardenwriter/blogger Kathy Jentz to do regular digital outreach and keep the online resources current.  We’re using photos donated by volunteers, but we expect and hope that with our proven success, other cities, states and regions will hire photographers to make it happen quickly and professionally.

How You Can Help

Now check it out and please donate.  Donations of even $1 add to what we hope will be an impressive number of total donors, showing public support for a service like this.  If you donate $25 or more your name will be forever listed on our website as an early supporter, with a link of your choice and your location, if you’d like.

And please spread the word!


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