Late Bloomers on CBS, and They’re Not Talking Asters


CBS Sunday Morning story this week did a story on late bloomers, which had me looking up from my newspaper expecting flowers.  Turns out, it was much more interesting, at least to this late bloomer.


First up, reporter Susan Spencer introduced us to Carol Gardner who (in her 50s) started a calendar business by dressing up her bulldog.  Three bulls later, ZeldaWisdom is going strong.

later bloomer

More late bloomers cited were Julia Child, Col. Sanders, Grandma Moses (who didn’t start painting until her late ’70s), and Martha Stewart.

A happiness expert of some type was interviewed for the piece, complaining that there are fewer opportunities for people over a certain age – like grad school programs with age cut-offs for admission.  He said people just need opportunities, and that got me thinking about my own rather late blooming – in my 50s.

My garden-writing semi-career and associated adventures started meekly with an editor job for a local garden club and boy, did that get boring fast! So when I heard from a friend how easy it is to start a blog, I started one the next day and it turns out that that was the opportunity I needed.

The Internet! I’m forever awed by the opportunities it’s created for millions of people of all ages – filmmakers getting noticed on Youtube, businesses conducted via Ebay or Etsy, writers turning blogs into book deals – examples do go on.  So many opportunities requiring little or no money! Barriers to entry – gone!

But back to the story. When asked, “How late is too late to bloom?” the expert replied, “Forget late.  Just bloom.” Sounds like a plan.

AAAAMarch20151I loved the CBS story which, like this blog post, turned out to not be about gardening (sorry, sticklers!), but have a nit to pick.  Spencer said that just before an “unspeakable milestone birthday,” she “made a command decision to learn to unicycle.”

Well! Knowing what a big deal it can be to fall, especially for people our age, I have to say that’s NUTS.


  1. I took up mountain biking when I was 44, the funny thing is I haven’t been injured by the spectacular flying-attached to bike-Superman falls (okay some bruises). Most of my injuries are from gardening. But unicycle on pavement, yes that would hurt.

  2. Brava to Spencer for taking on the unicycle! Maintaining one’s balance is a big deal for “people of a certain age”, which is why the fear of falling is so real. She makes good $$, has Workman’s Comp and health insurance to cushion any ouchie. Good for her!

  3. I started running at age 59. It was (and still is) pretty hard, but I do really good in my age group.

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