Garden Rant Giveaway Grand Drawing

While visiting in Louisville, Panayoti Kelaidis and Jan Fahs of Denver, Colorado graciously agreed to make the drawing for the Garden Rant Giveaway that you’ve all awaited.
Jan Fahs and Panayoti Kelaidis
Jan Fahs and Panayoti Kelaidis
Drum roll, please…The lucky winner of Essential Perennials: The Complete Reference to 2700 Perennials for the Home Garden: is Mary Beth Martin of Beacon Falls, Connecticut.
“My favorite perennial is Adonis Amurensis because it often flowers in February here in the northeast and it’s like little Suns beaming up from the dark desolate earth! Nothing better to welcome spring:)”
Thanks to over 100 of you who told us here, and on the Garden Rant Facebook page, what your favorite perennials were, and why you liked them so much. 
As the perennial submissions — and even some woodies (that’s OK!) — were piling-up, I kept thinking that it would be wonderful if we could combine all of the plants into a Garden Rant Fantasy Garden.
This would be a very interesting planting list.
Let’s do this again sometime.



  1. Mary Beth,

    I truly hope you find Essential Perennials useful, and will tell your friends about it.
    I admire your taste in selecting Adonis amurensis as one of your favorites—mine too. Love the brownish foliage as it emerges.

    Garden with joy- -perennially!

    Ruth Rogers Clausen

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