We’re Flinging in Toronto!

Garden Bloggers Spring Fling 08 attendees
2008 Garden Blog Flingers in Austin

Waaaay back in 2008 this group of gardenbloggers got together for the first time in Austin for the first Garden Blogger Fling to party and see gardens. No keynotes or break-out sessions in hotel conference rooms. Just fun, networking like crazy, and actually making new friends. No matter that we’re mostly online between Flings – these are real, not virtual friendships.

Since then we’ve “flung” in Chicago, Buffalo, Seattle, Asheville, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon and I’ve been able to attend all except that last one.  (Though I did manage to see lots of familiar faces at the Garden Writers Symposium in Pittsburgh that year.)
The 8th Fling began tonight in Toronto and check our action-packed itinerary – all thanks to local organizers Helen Battersby of Toronto Gardens, Lorraine Flanigan of City Gardening Online and Veronica Sliva of A Gardener’s World.

We’re lucky to have found so many cities with garden bloggers who know their city and are also ready and able to take on the huge job of organizing Flings – as volunteers, of course.

So who’s here? This bunch. And here’s fellow Ranter Elizabeth and I wielding new tools at the Lee Valley Tools reception. For some reason I now can’t remember, I drove 9+ hours to get to Toronto today instead of flying, so no wonder I look tired.

More updates coming soon.


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