Weeding Meadows and Neil Diboll on CBS



“CBS Sunday Morning” correspondent Steve Hartman confesses his addiction to weeding after Neil Diboll helped him create a meadow.

Here’s the video and here’s more on the story.


  1. Hello Susan! I totally get Steve’s weeding obsession, having spent many a lazy summer afternoon laying on my hillside lawn pulling wire grass. It’s just so easy to get a grip on….and never an end in site, the way novels and movies disappoint…If I were Steve’s wife, I’d let him keep at it till he works through his anxieties, and then I’d recommend Larry Weaner, the amazing meadows expert, who can tell Steve how to get behind all those backaches….for example, Larry says pulling weeds Out by the roots can lay open bare, disturbed soil for more weeds to seed….but if you cut them instead…gives the flowers a chance to shade them Out….. So Weed Away, Steve! It makes the glorious, lazy summer last so much longer!

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