Super-Duper Chanticleer Book and Contest



The Book, available next month from Timber Press, is the story of the garden from its very own gardeners. And Chanticleer IMG_5445-001Garden is a garden that’s designed and managed, not just cared for by gardeners, so they reveal more than pretty images – though Rob Cardillo’s are amazing.  It’s called The Art of Gardening – Design Inspiration and Innovative Planting Techniques from Chanticleer by R. William Thomas (shown here during my 2006 visit) and his team.

This is one of maybe two gardening books I’ll actually read this year, because for me Chanticleer is such an exciting place – garden as performance art, and modern.

The Contest is exciting, too, compared to most book launches in the gardening world. Prizes include “luxury accommodations for two,” $200 worth of a “premier dining experience in historic Wayne, PA”, invitations to the launch party, and copies of the book. Click here to enter before September 4th. Multiple chances to win! 


The Photos here, which I took on my two visits to Chanticleer, are pretty enough but wait ’til you see Rob Cardillo’s versions of these scenes and many more in the book. To die for.

Design Ideas from Bill Thomas from lead author Bill Thomas are already available on A Way to Garden, and they’ll whet your appetite for more.


My Blog Posts about the garden include photos of my May 2011 visit and a review of the book Chanticleer: A Pleasure Garden by Adrian Higgins and Rob Cardillo.


  1. I am SO excited that, at last, I will see Chanticleer in person next week! A lifetime wish fulfilled.

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