Walnut Hill Book Giveaway


walnut hill bookAnyone who’s created a garden over decades and come to love every inch of it understands the origins of this book, the story of a garden. It’s also the story of a family and their collaboration with world-renowned plantsman Kurt Bluemel in transforming two acres near Baltimore into a horticultural masterpiece.

Passionate gardeners A.C. and Penney Hubbard have seen their garden praised and featured in the media and on national and regional garden tours.


And now they’ve collaborated with garden writer Kathy Hudson and award-winning photographer Roger Foley to create  On Walnut Hill, a gorgeous book about the garden.

Plus, GardenRant’s own Allen Bush wrote the foreward and it’s as lovely as the garden itself (and available online). Allen wrote this tribute to Kurt Bluemel soon after his death in 2014.


Just leave a comment here before end of business Friday November 13 and a winner will be chosen at random.



  1. What a beautiful book. It is exciting what persevering and inspired gardeners can do with 2 acres. Thanks you!

  2. Because funds are limited and I can’t install an “instant garden” around my own home, I’m always inspired by people who create their gardens over time. Would love to read about how the Hubbards built their garden—and would love to visit someday!

  3. This is a beautiful book about a unique place. I am not a gardener and still read it all cover to cover. I imagine I will do so again. I don’t need to win it as I already have a copy and plan to give them as gifts as well. But I’ll take another copy any time!

  4. It is important to document the makings and evolution of some of these wonderful gardens that have stood the test of time. WE have become overly used to “instant gardens” with the current methods of cultivation and popular plants of the day. This will be a timely reminder to those embarking on creating a garden.

  5. WE ALL WIN!

    This book. Oh, this book. I’ve waited so long for this authentic documentation of the love affair that the Hubbards have had with this land and their designer, Kurt Bluemel, that they counted on to fully develop the physical expression of their emotional bond with it. How perfect to have an equally passionate plantsman to write the foreword. This has to be the longest developing collaboration of artists in the modern history of horticulture.

    Thank you for bringing attention to this body of work. We all win now that it’s in print.

  6. I love a book like this that documents the creation of a garden and the lessons learned by the people during that process. Allen Bush, your foreword is beautifully written. (Alas, I’m exempt from the drawing, but will definitely be ordering a copy for myself!)

  7. I love to read about passionate gardeners and the beauty they create. A garden brings love, peace, happiness….and frustration! But oh how wonderful when we see a success. Every time I am in a garden I learn something new or see a great surprise.

  8. I can glean inspiration, if not particular ideas, from gardens very different from my own in rural western Maryland, and even from gardens run on a very different budget—as Walnut Hill certainly is. I would enjoy the book.

  9. Please do include me in the raffle for this beautiful book. Thanks for bringing it to my attention…just the thing to brighten a winter’s day!

  10. Can’t wait until I can snuggle up in my favorite reading chair this winter and dream of the Spring gardening season.

  11. Such a terrific book, far beyond “just pretty pictures” (although there are plenty of great ones”) but very thoughtfully written and full of beautiful moments. A real Baltimore treasure!

  12. I too have nurtured a garden for nearly 40 years and it has grown up and rewarded me with peace and pleasure each time I stroll through it.

  13. This book sounds delightful. I’ve been working on my garden for only 3 years, so I can only imagine the love the couple put into theirs over 40 years. A great testament to their love of gardening and each other.

    Mary Jane St. Amand

  14. Oh, thank you so much for the chance to win such a lovely book. Gardens, and books are two of my favorite things.

  15. I love to understand the thought processes behind gardens. What pictures did the gardener have in her head? How did she layer plants ? Did she have a big picture? or work on one piece at a time?

  16. When I lived in Baltimore I saw this garden in an article and it looks beautiful. I imagine the book will be lovely too!

  17. What a delightful chance to share their love of place through their garden! I’m recommending this to my botany book club at the Botanical Garden here, and suggesting the librarian add this to the collection. Thanks for the chance to obtain a copy first!

  18. Knowing Kathy and the great writing she has done in the past, makes me even more anxious to own this book! I can’t wait to get some great ideas for my garden next spring!!! This will give me the motivation I need! Thank you Kathy! Thank you, Christine

  19. Photography exhibit and lecture by Roger Foley at Cylburn Arboretum was very informative!
    Beautiful book!

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