Canada, o Canada


This is part 1 of my garden-related thoughts on Inauguration Day.

The view from Linda’s deck, for crissakes.

If, like millions, you’ve been pining for Trudeau-led Canada, picture this. It’s my friend Linda’s new home on Salt Spring Island near Vancouver, and a view from her deck. She moved there last summer (prescient!) after a two-year legal process and decades of living in a lovely DC neighborhood. Now with this view, a lively community of artsy people, and universal health care, it looks to me like she’s found her bliss.

The island’s tourism website grabs you with this opening page photo and cruelly asks, “When can you get here?” I’m afraid I missed that boat.

Here in DC it’ll be raining today, but not tomorrow for the Women’s March on Washington. Five of the marchers are arriving today from North Carolina to crash, college-dorm-style, in my tiny house. I’m focusing on them today.


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