Eye Candy from a Famous Spanish Designer


In my 40+ years in the DC area, I’ve been invited to very few embassy functions. It was thanks to my garden writing that the Embassy of Spain invited me to a recent event at Dumbarton Oaks – so right there, count me IN, almost no matter the topic. But it gets better because the event was a talk by Spanish garden designer Javier Mariátegui, author of Gardens for the Senses.

His slides traced the history of Spanish garden design but quickly turned to images of gardens he designed for his very wealthy clients across the country, which we learned is quite diverse in its climates.

And that’s when his talk became for me the most gorgeous and interesting indoor garden event I’d ever attended. Hope you enjoy these images as much as I did. For lots more, get the book.


After the talk and the eye candy, the designer took questions, which included several about sustainability. He responded that he’s seen the evolution of gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show and is himself moving toward more wild, sustainable gardens, but hey, clients want what they want. A real-world answer if there ever was one.


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