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While we’re waiting for the last year of GardenRant’s posts to be restored (long, frustrating story), enjoy the 14 new videos I recently added to the nonprofit educational campaign Good Gardening Videos.


Tour a STUNNING GARDEN NEAR AUSTIN, with great plants and the best-looking stormwater solutions you’ve ever seen. Even when rocks are used as a lawn replacement, they look good here. From Central Texas Gardener.

Our second TEXAS GARDEN is funky and colorful, with lots going on – prayer flags, shade sails, no lawn, plenty of seating and a pet cemetery. Also from Central Texas Gardener.

Take a very cool AERIAL TOUR OF A SUCCULENT GARDEN, made with the help of the succulent queen herself, Debra Lee Baldwin.

Then let a designer show you his NASHVILLE GARDEN on a smallish lot filled with interesting plants. He likes conifers, berms, streams, and lots of rock. From the TV show Volunteer Gardener.


For just 21 seconds get transported to a MEADOW MORNING at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin. Wish the video were longer!

Back east, tour an ESTATE GARDEN in RICHMOND, VA called Maymont. From the plant-loving videographers at PlantPop. 



In PERENNIAL GARDEN DESIGN, designer Troy Marden talks plants and design as he shows off the perennial beds at Cheekwood Gardens in Nashville. Good plant ID and growing instructions, too. From an episode of Volunteer Gardener.

In PERENNIAL BORDER MAKEOVER, Laura demonstrates plant and spacing choices in her Oregon garden. Video sponsored by Proven Winners.

HOW TO GROW CLEMATIS answers the most-asked questions about a gorgeous but sometimes challenging vine: pruning, dealing with wilt, and more. By Phil Normandy for Brookside Gardens in Maryland.


Watch Laura do spring CLEAN-UP of a FLOWER BED as she explains her 4-step method: assess and trim back accordingly; weed and rake; fertilize if needed; and mulch! Video sponsored by Proven Winners.

Planting or transplanting anything this year? Then watch WATERWISE WAYS TO ESTABLISH YOUR NEW PLANTS by Joe Lamp’l (host of PBS’s Growing a Greener World). Joe covers hand-watering, soaker hoses, drip irrigation, and overhead irrigation. Video sponsored by Milorganite Fertilizer.

POTTING MIXES aren’t just soil, as explained by Mississippi State Extension horticulturist Dr. Gary Bachman, sporting his signature Hawaiian shirt.

For weeding season, MANAGING WEEDS IN THE LANDSCAPE by horticulturist Melinda Myers is a great tutorial. She covers prevention and hand-weeding, recommending it as a “form of anger management and meditation.” Love that! Video sponsored by Pasquesi Home and Gardens in the Chicago area.

Find out the PROS AND CONS OF WEED CONTROL FABRIC from North Carolina landscaper Jim Putnam of HortTube. Spoiler alert – the cons outweigh the primary pro, which is that the fabric works at first. Video includes mention of “gravel regret.” Ever had that?


  1. I am going to instantly check the landscape cloth video. We are planning to make a dry stream (that will also help with occasional flooding) and talked about using a landscape cloth liner. Maybe not such a good idea. After one bad experience I have never used it again.

  2. Every of your colorful gardening ideas and useful and instructive. I personally like your ESTATE GARDEN ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this impressive video. I’m getting inspired by your gardening video.

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