Always Dreaming


Long lines at the betting window last weekend were not my concern. I piddled around on Derby Day at home—on the couch and in the garden. I dodged rain showers outside, while inside I sidestepped heavy grazing on beef tenderloin, country ham, corn pudding and my niece’s cookies. I set up the bar, took a nap and gathered flowers and foliage from the garden to compose a vase of Derby color for the evening’s party.

Kentucky Derby arrangement with Euphorbia characias subs. wulfenii, Phlox carolina ‘Minnie Pearl’, bronze fennel, variegated Solomon’s seal and a mix of Baptisia species—B. australis, B. alba and B. sphaerocarpa.

Always Dreaming, the betting favorite, won the Kentucky Derby by 2 ¾ lengths in the slop.

My online Derby bets were a bust, but the garden paid off handsomely.



    • Thanks, Sheera. I don’t have a personal blog but our two gardens—one, here in town, and the other in the country—show up regularly, here on the Rant.

  1. What a gorgeous garden! It looks like a perfect little oasis, and I love the flower arrangement, seems odd to see a vase in the garden but it really works and adds a vibrant splash of colour to the beautiful greenery, good job!

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