Plant-Based Icons at the U.S. Botanic Garden


The year-old Museum of African American History and Culture on the grounds of the Washington Monument is still so hard to get tickets for, I’ve only seen the exterior (fabulous!) and the landscape (too new to look like much).

But while I’m figuring out how to get inside, at least I got to see the building rendered in plants at the U.S. Botanic Garden, part of its popular holiday display. The exterior crown-shaped elements are all walnut parts. (Learn more about the building in a terrific Facebook video I shared on the GardenRant page. )

The conservatory atrium was popular with visitors yesterday, so popular I had to wait in line to get this shot without selfie-takers in the way. This DC icon is the U.S. Capitol, which is probably more popular in plant form than across the street where congresspeople do their dirty work.

This year I didn’t go near the White House replica.

At least the Washington Monument isn’t a trigger for anxiety about what’s happening. Phallic, for sure, but so lovely with fountains and poinsettias.

Wishing Rant readers a wonderful holiday!


  1. You didn’t got near the White House, but I’m going to bet you wouldn’t have had to stand in a long line! HEE

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