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I’ve always loved turning people on to gardening and teaching them to succeed at it – whether by writing, coaching, or local activism.

This year tried a new way to teach people gardening – by curating gardening videos on YouTube for accuracy and quality and helping people find them. It’s all on the educational nonprofit – Good Gardening Videos, with an ad-free website, YouTube channel and social media outreach. Here’s a year-end update:

In 2017 I found and hired the fabulous horticulturist and communicator Charlie Nardozzi to find the very best videos available on topics I’m unqualified to cover –  all edibles, and composting, too. He’s great to work with, and a true Vermonter.

Plus, the smarties on our Advisory Committee lend their wisdom to the cause whenever asked.

The collection of curated videos is now 700+ strong and growing monthly. And for more, we send viewers to the individual YouTube channels of our favorite garden communicators. Because we’re ad-free, we don’t worry about people leaving the site.

We’ve got Seasonal Guides – 14 of them! They’re collections of the best videos we could find on particular topics of seasonal interest – like holiday decorating, bulb-forcing and seed-starting this time of year – so that people can find the info they need when they need it.

Good videos showing native plants in gardens are few and far between, so after gathering the best native-plant videos I could find, I guest-posted on a popular wildflower blog to urge advocates to make videos for the cause! (And thanks to Gail Eichelberger for making an exception this once to her no-guest-post policy.)

The highlight of the year for GGVideos was winning an award from the Garden Writers Association in the category Special Project, Digital or Broadcast. (Covered here on the Rant.)

We’re Getting Sponsors!

Starting with Garden Design and Gardeners Supply, companies who’ve long supported garden communicators are stepping up to sponsor Good Gardening Videos. They see that it’s not just a good cause, but one that’s creating more customers for them.

Your Help?

I invite you to help support gardening education that’s:

  • Free online to all
  • Evidence-based
  • Pro-environment
  • Targeted to North Americans (no need to sort through English TV shows)

Click here to donate any amount. It’s tax-deductible. (GGVideos is a 501(c)(3) organization.)

GGVideos is very cheap to run, since my work as editor is pro bono. Donated funds go to pay Charlie for a few hours of his time, and to buy targeted ads on Facebook to reach more gardeners and gardener-to-be.


How to reach Master Gardeners? They need good videos to further their education and recommend to the public, but how do we reach them nation-wide or even state by state? If Extension Universities sent their residents out of state for information, it could threaten their funding.  And though it’s our policy to reject videos that make claims not based on evidence, we’re not an official source.

How to reach garden clubs nationally?

Except for a few blogs, the gardening media haven’t told their readers about this new resource. (Reviews so far.)

And like videos promoting native plants, there’s still a lack of good instructional videos on important how-to topics – like watering, pruning, using rain-garden techniques to slow down stormwater, etc.

We know that more gardening businesses will be making videos next year, and others stepping up their video marketing (thanks in part to Facebook now favoring over other kinds of updates). So we’re helping however we can, including by recommending videographers and good on-camera authorities.

Readers, your suggestions for getting the word out would be much appreciated.


  1. My garden club has a Facebook page, so I’d be happy to do a post on that. My husband is ill right now, but once I’m able to get back out into the world, I can go to a district meeting and announce it there. I could also see about getting the New York State organization to put it in the state newsletter.


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