Possible Trump Bump for HGTV


A Twitter-following friend alerted me to the hashtag “WatchHGTVinstead” started by a David Hoffman. The purpose is to deny Trump high ratings for his State of the Union performance in the most effective way possible – by tuning in to another channel, especially one in particular.

Responders argued over how ratings work but Hoffman set them straight. But tons of comments about his choice of channels. Turns out, HGTV has more fans than I realize – house hunters, rehabbers and shoppers and not a single gardener that I know of since gardening has been virtually abandoned by the channel.

These responders seem to happy to go along:

  • Great! I had designated it “clean the bathroom” time but will gladly watch HGTV instead!
  • My wife will love that!!!
  • I believe at 9 o’clock on January 30 will be a new episode of fixer-upper. Probably the best show on HGTV. So let’s all tune in and watch Chip and Joanna instead of Frick and Frack.

But not everyone:

  • Okay but I’d rather watch The Food Channel.
  • I understand but Tuesday night is either the property bros or fixer upper and I refuse to watch either.hannel then. Or, to help ratings, turn it on, turn it down, and read a book.
  • Dude pick something else. Why should we suffer through ppl fixing lawns while dipfuck talks. At least let’s do a lifetime movie, or something on TLC. Shit, I’d even watch Say Yes to the Dress.
  • When is it. Jan 30th? Damn. that’s the day I have set aside to rearrange my sock drawer.
  • I will take up knitting that evening
  • hgtv… ok, but muted
  • Please, anything but HGTV

One tweeter thinks the channel has actual gardening content:

  • Ok but watching how flowers grow I might need a lot of wine. (followed by “I did a dry run tonight. It worked well. I’m ready.” (with photo of full wine glass)

But this one knows better:

  • Ok, I’ll try to watch HGTV. I used to love that channel before, but it’s just not the same anymore.

Hoffman’s response to the complainers? “And if you don’t like hgtv, take one for the team!”

The latest from Hoffman is that “Thousands on Twitter have now committed to boycotting the State of the Union address. Instead we are tuning in to HGTV to show our numbers. Several Nielson families have committed to participate so far. I’ll be retweeting until the STOU.”

I just wish he’d picked Comedy Central instead.


    • Will be watching PBS that night, no matter what is on.
      I don’t get cable so am not familiar with HGTV other than by general reputation.
      Gardening programs here in CO are available on a sub-station of our statewide PBS network, called “Create.” If you’re reading this and you can’t get Create, please contact your state or local PBS station or network. In Colorado, we are blessed to have **two** PBS networks; I’m
      Grateful, daily.
      As I am for Garden Rant!

      Diane from Denver

      • Ditto here, no cable, thank you. HWMO finally decided it’s not worth the bucks. But we get Iowa Public Television as well as Wisconsin. And the Create subchannel is what we watch a lot of here.

        Sure as heckers not watching the SOTU address. I’m pretty sure we’ll peek at the commentary. If he reads the teleprompters, meh, if he doesn’t, well………….

        And rooting for RBG on our front here too.

  1. Yeah, Comedy Central would have been a better choice. However, since I have a long-standing tradition of boycotting the State Of The Union address, I will maintain it by watching Midsomer Murders on PBS! To use my ex-father-in-law’s colorful phrase, HGTV is as useless as tits on a wheelbarrow.

    • Oh that is snarky! But still funny. If I make it to her age, and had to deal with the current “situation” publicly, I’d want to sleep, too. Justice RBG deserves all of iur respect, not mockery — no matter how gentle.

  2. I will be watching this President, just like I have watched the other Presidents. And I will be BOYCOTTING this liberal undermining of an elected President of this USA. If HGTV is allowing this, I will be turning them off. You should be ashamed! Using HGTV in this way!

    • Yes, somebody should feel shame but it’s certainly not the author of this GRant post. I suggest that the president would benefit from feeling some occasional shame, defined as “a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.”

    • I agree! You will be miss informed by news channels if you don’t listen. Form your own conclusions with an open & informed mind. I didn’t vote for President Obama,but accepted him as president. Wishing him the best & hoping to see it.
      There never has been a president,who could please everyone. We agree to respectfully disagree. THAT IS WHAT AMERICA IS ALL ABOUT.

  3. I could’ve picked any channel. I picked one that I thought many people would like and that most people get. HGTV had nothing to do with it. I find the comments about disrespecting our president quite comical. He may be the most disrespectful person in the world.

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