Brent and Becky’s Farm, Store and Knicknacks


I grew up near Richmond, VA, about an hour from Brent and Becky’s, the beloved flower bulb company in Tidewater, VA.

I’ve even known Brent since I was a preteen and our families rented nearby beach cottages in Nags Head, NC.

But it took a regional event of the Garden Writers Association for me to finally see this very special place, including the lovely historic town of Gloucester, also famous for its Daffodil Festival.

GWA members partying in the home of Brent and Becky Heath last weekend. Photo by Jay Hutchins.

I’ll start the tour with the 28-acre farm and homestead, bought by Brent’s grandfather when he started the company (then called the Daffodil Mart) back in 1900. Above, a view across the daffodil fields to the Heaths’ new home on the river, designed especially for entertaining.

The front of the Heaths’ new home and entertainment center

Above and below, display gardens are everywhere.

The Heaths’ farm and home overlook the North River, which leads to the Chesapeake Bay.

Inside their home, bulb art and knicknacks are everywhere, with daffodils dominating the scene.

The Brent and Becky’s store and display gardens are about about a mile down the road.

Eight acres of Chesapeake Bay-friendly display gardens include a rock garden, an Asian garden, and even a music venue.

Becky’s chops as a teacher were apparent to us garden writers learning to pot up summer-blooming bulbs

Becky, who devotes a lot of her time these days to her duties as GWA president, showed members a great time – talks, tours, food/drink/partying, and even a build-a-summer-blooming-bulb-container workshop. (Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos at bloom time).

Brent was attending a Daffodil Convention in Nashville that weekend, but his presence was everywhere, especially in the visitors video we were shown. My favorite screen shots are of Brent’s very roguish-looking grandfather, the company founder, and Brent and Becky’s wedding, which must not have been in the spring or that bouquet would have been daffodil-only.


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