Two Great Events You Can Attend


On June 29 the Slow Flower Summit is happening in Washington, D.C.!

The website tells us: Developed and produced by Debra Prinzing and Slow Flowers LLC, this one-day event is designed to celebrate American Flowers Week and bring together creatives, thought leaders and change agents with a lecture series featuring leading voices in the progressive American-grown floral community.

The Summit began last year in Seattle, where GardenRant’s own Amy Stewart (author of Flower Confidential) gave this keynote address. 

This year the line-up of speakers looks awesome, and it includes two who are local to us in the Mid-Atlantic: Walker Marsh from Tha Flower Factory, an urban flower farm in Baltimore, and floral designer Kelly Shore, serving the DC area.

I’ll be there!

Then in July the National Children and Youth Garden Symposium is happening. It’s a professional development event for people who work with, or are interested in working with young people in garden settings and other outdoor environments. Every year it’s somewhere different in the U.S. and this time the hosts are Cornell’s Garden-Based Learning and Cornell Cooperative Extension.  You know, the leaders in the field.

NOTE: The deadline for early bird registration rates is this Friday the 25th.

Check out the great line-up of speakers.

Topics covered include the nuts and bolts of starting and running youth and school-based gardens, which doesn’t happen to include this blogger. But these other topics are interesting even to me: incorporating technology into garden lessons, equitable access to gardens for special needs groups, taking nature into hospitals, designing for nature play, food education, outdoor learning for kids, student attitudes toward nature, and more.

The Symposium, which is held in different parts of the U.S. each year, draw 200+ attendees and insiders tell me it’s a friendly group, not cliquish at all.

Which is good to know because I just decided to attend this one, too, and I probably won’t know a soul.

Sights I Plan to See

Fortunately the symposium itinerary includes a visit to the award-winning Ithaca Children’s Garden, but I’ll make time to tour the Cornell campus I’ve heard raves about, and a bit of Ithaca, too. (I’m told it’s “one of the great college towns in the U.S.) Ithaca’s also home of the original Moosewood Restaurant, so I hope to experience a bit of ’70s nostalgia when I’m in town.

Let me know in a comment if you’re going!


  1. Susan, don’t forget to make time yourself to see Cornell Plantations, if they’re not already taking you there. My life has been chaotic since last month, but depending on what’s going on – if you ended up having to go to CP on your own – send me an e-mail, and I might be able to drive down and meet you there. It’s only a little over an hour from me.

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