Lots of Raves in my 53-Minute Podcast Interview


Podcasts – they’re hot and they’re here to stay. So hot, I even got invited to be on one of them – the Organic Gardener Podcast, with host Jackie Beyer.  (Here’s the episode I’m on.) 

Jackie interviews a nice variety of gardening people – some expert and some just opinionated, like me. I’ve enjoyed these episodes on topics and people I follow: Lee Reich on pruning and weeding, Mark Highland on soils, Judy Frankel on her quest to fix Washington (good luck!), Michael Judd on permaculture, Joe Lamp’l with inspiration for Earth Day,

There’s even an episode about edible insect farming, and something called the Kentucky Hemp Project.

Jackie’s a lot of fun to chat with, so I was less nervous than I feared. I also worried that I’d say something to get me in trouble and and waited anxiously to hear it online. Turns out, my only jab was about the bedding annuals in my town, the topic of a recent Rant. (So that bridge, if there is one, is already burned.)

On the bright side, I had the chance to plug all sorts of people and things – GardenRant, Evelyn Hadden’s No-Mow Yards book, Amy Stewart, the Garden Blogger Fling, Paul James, Joe Lamp’l, Margaret Roach, Fiskars loppers, Cornell and U. Maryland Extension resources, One Yard Revolution and Alberta Urban Farm YouTube channels, the Garden Professors Facebook group, Fine Gardening Magazine, Good Gardening Videos, DC Gardens, garden coaching, good-enough lawns, and voting for people who’ll take action on climate change. Whew!

A word about that last one. Here’s Jackie’s summary of the Q&A:

Q: If there was one change you would like to see to create a greener world what would it be?

A: Anything you can do to get people in office that will do things about climate change at all levels. It isn’t just in charge of EPA. Or even who your Congress person is. You can do things at the state level and locally. We need people elected who will do something about it.

So to expand on my answer just a bit, of course I support the many changes we can make as individuals to combat climate change, but I was asked about the ONE thing we can do. I went with electing people who’ll do the big things.

That bit of transcript is thanks to the excellent summary that Jackie creates of every interview – a ton of work, no doubt – with her own commentary added throughout, and they’re a great addition to the podcasts themselves. Here’s an example of the text for the episode I’m on.

As an avid podcast-listener myself, I wish they all came with this topic-expanding and potentially time-saving feature.

I’d only make one minor correction to Jackie’s notes of our gabfest – that while I did indeed grow up in Central Virginia, I’m NOT from Des Moines. My mother was the Iowan.

All the rest, I’ll stand by. So if you hear me say something, I really said it. Nothing fake happening here.

By the way, all episodes of the Organic Gardener Podcast are available on the many podcast apps now available. My favorite is Overcast. It lets you listen at any speed you want, and choose to remove all the pauses if you’re an impatient listener like me.


  1. I listened to the podcast and thought it covered a lot. Thanks! You have a great voice by the way. I’m glad you mentioned climate change. It’s my biggest worry. I do all I know to do in that regard, but where I live there are people who don’t believe it exists and others who could care less. Because of a severe drought, I watered plants by hand 2-4 hours almost every day this summer. I don’t know if I can do that every year if this what we’re faced with…Even drought tolerant plants need water once in awhile.


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