Hemp, Mindful Eating and Cricket-Spitting on YouTube


This week I did my usual browsing through 30-some YouTube channels in pursuit of new gardening videos worth promoting on Good Gardening Videos. I found a few that teach gardening well and will be added to the over 900 videos we promote there, but three videos deserve attention here on the Rant. You’re welcome.

First, from the Pacific Northwest’s Garden Time TV (new graphics, please!) comes “Harvesting CBD Hemp Oil,” showing the growing fields, harvesting operation and retail sales options at Red Barn Hemp in Oregon. I glommed onto this video because I’d been struggling to sort out the many health claims for CBD and the sudden onslaught of companies selling the stuff at the same time that medical marijuana dispensaries are opening here in Maryland. I shared the video locally and to friends with painful arthritis.

Next up, two video from Extension universities, a regular source of useful information for farmers, gardeners and sometimes, anyone. An example is this excellent talk about “Mindful Eating for the Holidays” from Utah State University Extension. As a video it’s longer than my usual attention span and IS just someone talking. Still, the information is good and I watched, but I’ll nudge them to make a 3-minute version that could get seen so much more.

Finally, the Louisiana State University Ag Center produced “Cricket Spitting Contest Informs People of Nutritional Value of Insects,” which grabbed my attention and made me laugh so much that I had to check to make sure it wasn’t dated April 1. But no, this is legit and I learned that actually, meal worms may be more to my liking, with their nice BBQ flavor.

Thanks to all three video-creators for their good work.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on some new garden videos. As a note, the Mindful Eating video was long and just someone talking because it was a live seminar as part of USU’s “Live Well” seminar series they offer for their employees. Most of their other extension videos are much shorter.

  2. Blue wave , the ESA, and the Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee. Thank you for taking the time to watch and link us to videos of value. I’d also like to share one I think readers will enjoy this weekend. First, I’d like to state how happy I am that the Democrats will now put a check on the GOP. In fact, not one piece of legislation will pass for the next two years without the signature of Nancy Pelosi. And, currently five bills meant to erode the Endangered Species Act have made it through committee, but may well no longer make it to the floor for a vote because of the Tuesday result. What does this mean for us as lovers of the natural world? If you haven’t seen this short documentary, I think it is a good one to view on this much nicer, less stressful (for me) weekend.

    Though not actually an instructional video, perhaps it can be thought of that way:

    Bee update 🙂 —> https://www.forbes.com/sites/grrlscientist/2017/03/21/rusty-patched-bumble-bee-officially-listed-as-endangered/#51bbe43c1b7e


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