Houseplanters Who Do YouTube

Monika’s houseplant-filled terrace somewhere in India

The article “Meet the Plantfluencers” in the New York Times seemed to demonstrate that the much-pursued Millennials DO garden – just not outdoors. They love houseplants and they show that love on Instagram.

So I wondered if these popular plant “influencers” are using video, and found about half of them with channels on YouTube (as revealed in the first 10 pages of YouTube search results for the term “house plant”).

To my surprise, the houseplant channel with the most subscribers, by far, is Fun Gardening, somewhere in India. Monika, a YouTuber with 260K subscribers, speaks a language other than English and there are no captions, so I have no idea what she’s saying; I just love seeing her home.

As for the other top search results, the videos are either houseplant tours (often by room), hauls of new plants, “top 10 best,” or how-to. They’re also much longer than the usual gardening videos – 15-25 minutes and more is common. And like the houseplanters on Instagram, many have all-white walls for better plant photography. Also, they can tell you exactly how many houseplants they have.

Summer Rayne Oakes, mentioned in The Times, has over 700 houseplants in her amazing apartment and a cool website called Homestead Brooklyn, where local botanic garden and outdoor plants and also featured. Her captions for plant names are great and a practice I wish were standard in plant videos. 57K subscribers.

Joy US Garden is the channel of Nell Foster, a blogger in Tucson with 135 houseplants.  37K subscribers.

Logee’s Plants, a store in Connecticut with 30K subscribers and lots of good how-to information, is a channel I’ve promoted on Good Gardening Videos from the start.

Exotic Tropical Houseplants is the channel and Instagram account of Martine Brucheau, a botanist somewhere in California. I love seeing his minimalist, all-white house and wish I had the patience to watch his live videos for answering questions, but they’re over an hour long. He veers off-topic on a playlist called Truth about Blacks. 26K subscribers.

Gardening at Douentza covers an Irishwoman’s 200+ orchids, her greenhouse and other houseplants, and her outdoor plants, too. Like video channels on so many topics (fashion, technology, etc), she does “unboxing” videos, like this one about some new hoyas. 15K subscribers.

Harli G produces tours for the very patient viewer (at over 20 minutes) but her top plants video (at 4:15 minutes) is very watchable. 12.8K subscribers.

Julie Nicole produces how-to videos, including useful beginners’ guides to houseplants. 10K subscribers.

Nick Pileggi, whose Instagram account is “PhillyFoliage,” has over 200 houseplants shown only in close-up shots. Am I the only admitted voyeur who wants to see wide views of people’s apartments? 9.8K subscribers.

Crazyplant Guy is an Instagrammer with all-white walls and house animals, in addition to houseplants. 9K subscribers.

Houseplant Journal, mentioned in The Times, helpfully shows us his apartment, including the bathroom. 6K subscribers.

Tropical Plant Addict comes to us from the U.K., and features both in- and outdoor plants. I love her Halloween Tour. 5.7K subscribers.

Mama Botanica is a Dutch YouTuber who sometimes uses English in her videos. 4.8K subscribers.

Patch Plants is a plant shop in London that produces terrific Houseplant Parenting Courses and has a really cute cofounder as its spokesman. 2.9K subscribers – so far.

Lastly, I found a few houseplant videos by what I’d call lifestyle, personality-focused YouTubers, like Glam by Deya here. Even with the right make-up, earrings and attire I doubt that I could make my plants look glamorous, but Deya manages to pull it off.


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