How to Do Social Media – and Not Just for Garden Centers


Laura LeBoutillier, the on-camera talent at Garden Answer, is the hot young gardening YouTuber I profiled a while back, and she’s only getting better with time. 

In this new video she covers not gardening but how to promote garden centers, which she does that for her parents’ nursery in Eastern Oregon.

As she is with her how-to-garden videos, Laura is knowledgeable and a terrific teacher. For this topic she and videographer/husband Aaron take us behind the camera to illustrate tips about sound, the right upbeat tone of voice for narration, and more.

This advice in this video is really for anyone who does social media for anything, but as a proponent of video I found its video-making tips especially helpful on that front (starting at almost 16:00).

I thought I was familiar enough with this topic but most of these tips were new to me.

  • Don’t share photos of the staff bowling party on your company’s platforms.  Customers don’t care.
  • Making videos of new plant deliveries is great, but adding a lively narration makes it so much better (with examples of monotone versus lively narrator styles).
  • Never use blurry photos.
  • Sure, use your phone for photos but DO clean the lens.  (Here she unceremoniously wipes the lens with her shirt.)
  • iPhones have a feature I’ve never noticed (maybe because it’s not on my iPhone 7), which is a portrait mode that blurs the background to make the subject stand out. 
  • Sound is critical, and the examples they give of sound recorded from far away versus using a lavalier mic are convincing.
  • Another handy piece of equipment is something called a gimbal, which stabilizes the camera, preventing those video-killing shakes. Gimbals are available for iPhones for under $100.
  • For editing video she recommends just getting a Mac, which comes with iMovie, and I wish I’d done that.  I started editing videos with Windows Moviemaker, which has been discontinued, leaving PC users up shit’s creek without an editing program. Aaron has since moved on to Final Cut, of course.
  • Don’t post across social media platforms; post directly to each one. For example, videos posted directly to Facebook do much better than YouTube links posted to Facebook.


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