Jane Perrone, “Plantfluencer” and Brit, Joins GGVideos


Houseplants are HOT, according to the New York Times and all sorts of prognosticators and social media-watchers. So I looked for houseplant YouTubers on my own but found the topic pretty lacking in video instruction. Lifestyle YouTubers may occasionally show viewers their favorite houseplants, but do they even know what they’re talking about?

And do I know enough about houseplants to judge? Definitely not! That’s where I got the idea to hire a “Friend of GardenRant” and guest Ranter from way back in our early days as “Houseplant Editor” for the nonprofit Good Gardening Videos I edit.

That’s Jane Perrone here. She’s so knowledgeable about houseplants, she even has a popular podcast about them called On The Ledge. Over the next few weeks Jane will scan the houseplant offerings on YouTube – single videos and whole channels devoted to houseplants – and pick the best for GGVideos to promote.

And that’s not all she agreed to do in our Skype conversation. Because she’s British and part of the garden media world there, she’ll also create for us a “Best of the Brits” collection to include the very best in English gardening videos and television episodes that are available on YouTube.

A Bio That Puts Mine to Shame

Jane Perrone is a freelance writer and presenter who writes for a range of publications, including the Guardian, Gardens IllustratedGrow Your Own magazineThe English Garden, Rakes Progress and Learning with Experts. She’s the industry zone editor for the Society of Garden Designers’ magazine, Garden Design Journal

Jane’s background is in news journalism, having spent more than 20 years working in local newspapers, then the Guardian as a reporter and news desk editor. In 2008 she become gardening editor at the Guardian where she worked until 2017.

Jane is a member of Association of Garden Communicators in the U.S. and of the Garden Media Guild in the U.K.

I love hiring people who know so much more than I do! That tactic has worked really well with our first hire – Edibles Editor Charlie Nardozzi. He’s an actual horticulturist with decades experience growing edibles. Me, I can’t even fake knowing how to grow vegetables. 


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