Paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago now Online

“City Park” by William Merritt Chase. Credit: Art Institute of Chicago

Great news for art lovers and beauty-lovers of all types. Through its recent website redesign, the Art Institute of Chicago has given us all the chance to experience great works online, in high resolution and the ability to zoom in for detail. Here’s the collection.

“Gasthof zur Muldentalsperre” by Peter Doig. Credit: Art Institute of Chicago

This gift to art-lovers was released into the public domain, which means (via a Creative Commons Zero license), students, educators, and really anyone who wants to can download the digitized art for free.

“Water Lily Pond” by Clause Monet. Credit: Art Institute of Chicago

I’m hoping all that means I can posts my garden favorites in the collection here. I’ll let you know if I hear otherwise.

I searched in the collection by topic – landscapes. You can also search by time, from B.C. to now.

“Sunday on La Grande Jatte” by George Seurat. Credit: Art Institute of Chicago.

Turning on to High-Res Scans of Paintings

Last semester I took an undergrad art-history course at the University of Maryland (tuition-free through this terrific program for retirees) and the professor turned me on to great scans of art at Google Arts and Culture. More great works are being super-scanned all the time.

The class watched on the big screen as she zoomed in, and were blown away by the details. It’s a view no security guard let a visitor ever get, much less make a perfect photo of it.

Discover the Art Institute of Chicago’s collection for yourself. Just 2 more of my favorites for this post – one we all know, and an interesting modern design.

Water Lilies” by Clause Monet. Credit Art Institute of Chicago
“American Collectors Fred and Marcia Weisman” by David Hockney. Credit: Art Institute of Chicago.


  1. Thanks for these pointers; perfect for the coming few days when so many of us will be socked in by wind and ice.

    The Hockney gives me a chuckle. It’s so very like the tumblr site that parodied Dwell images.

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