These “Inspiring” Gardens are Hilarious

Um, no it’s not!

For some tension-releasing laughs (I’m getting tired of funny animal videos myself), I’m sharing some truly ridiculous gardens I found on a bogus gardening website of non-English-speaking origin, but that’s all I know about it. (I won’t give them a link.)

These fussy, intensely high-maintenance ideas are a bizarre contrast to today’s advice, which is all about working with nature to create gardens that are close to self-sustaining, and look relatively natural.

Get a load of these “inspiring” gardens from somewhere. They remind us of the bad old days of gardening styles and practices.

“This creation” is a good term for it.

SO natural-looking!

Do those look like perennials to YOU?
This one isn’t ugly, but it’s not my idea of small.


  1. That plant-festooned VW Bus is da bomb!

    Also, I can’t believe I never thought of having a river of gravel flowing out of a clay pot into a sea of red mulch. Just like you see in nature!

    Hope you are enjoying your flowers garden, Susan.

  2. So many levels of Ugh. However. It is obvious that the owners/creators of these gardens (aka the taste-challenged) love what they have done, and I therefore cannot fault them. Joy is the point and these gardens have that – if not a grounding in basic design principles. (I do feel sorry for those who buy these houses someday and must take a jackhammer to garden features instead of a spade.)

    • I agree with you until I see the hearts of mud of the first photo. I think a chocolate box would have done it better in that case. The others, with the proportions wrong and full of (essentially) crap tug at my heart strings and make me smile. Yes they are tacky, but so am I!

  3. Kudos to anyone putting themselves out there to create colourful joyful gardens, no matter the style, level of craftmanship, or gardening skill. And being mean, condescending, or judgemental is precisely the reason why so many novice gardeners don’t even bother to try, or leave their front yards barren.

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