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Marianne Willburn is a gardening speaker, columnist and author of Tropical Plants and How to Love Them (2021), and Big Dreams, Small Garden (2017). After years of occasional guest rants, she began an on-going digital correspondence with Scott Beuerlein in 2019, and officially joined GardenRant in 2020. A weekly newspaper columnist for over a decade, she also frequently contributes to Better Homes and Gardens, The American Gardener, and other digital and print magazines; and has won national awards for her popular column and blog, Small Town Gardener.    Marianne has recently begun working as a guide with CarexTours, a D.C. based tour company dedicated to exploring public and private European gardens in a small group experience. Marianne believes strongly that you should never wait for the ‘perfect space’ to create a restful garden oasis for yourself and your family; and she has spent much of her gardening life in small city and suburban gardens in places as diverse as California, the United Kingdom, and the Mid-Atlantic. In 2013, she began gardening intensively and exhaustively on ten acres in a rural corner of Northern Virginia. Contact Marianne by email: marianne@smalltowngardener.com